We invite you to listen to these conversations in which we provide examples on how to break down traditional language and disciplinary boundaries and to foster creativity and new ways of understanding languages around the world, the societies where they are spoken, and the cultures they shape.

In spring of 2020, East Lansing hosts the 2nd edition of the MSU Latinx Film Festival, the MSU Comics Forum, and the Global Digital Humanities Symposium.  These events are magnificent opportunities to talk about the artistic and humanistic expression across languages and cultures. Stay tuned!

In 2019, we had inspiring conversations with writers, artists, public scholars, and activists. Themes include creativity, writing, comics, violence, politics, (im)migration, the border/la Frontera, digital humanities in the Spanish-speaking and Lusophone world, the global notion of “passing” across languages and cultures, a conversation we started in 2018. This year we recorded two podcasts in Spanish: with Peruvian comics artist Juan Acevedo and Puerto Rican writer Mayra Santos Febres.

In 2018, we talked with colleagues, artists, and scholars about their projects on literature, cinema, photography, music, languages, cultures and politics. With them we traveled from Morocco to Peru, Mali, Canada, and the United States; from  Japan and Korea to Russia; from Taiwan to France and the world of puppets. We also recorded our first podcast in Chinese–and its English version and spoke about the experience of Dreamers at MSU.

In 2017, we started our series with conversations about Malian photography, Italian cinema and the language of self, and Arabic Identities in the world.

To listen to our podcasts, check the drop-down menu under the tab of this page, sit down, relax, enjoy.