Podcasts 2017

Our first podcast was recorded in October 2017.  In the last months of this year, we engaged in conversations about the African, Italian, and Arab World, from Mali photographers to Italian cinema to the borders of identity formation.

Episode 3: Blurring Boundaries: Arabic Identities in the World (December 2017)
Who are ‘we’ and who is the ‘other’? This is a question that has become increasingly complex in late modern times due to the effects of globalization. In the Arabic world, another force is driving this question. Guests Camelia Suleiman, Marc Bernstein, and Safoi Babana-Hampton talked with us about this force and its effects in the Arabic world across and beyond the Mediterranean. See also Blurring Boundaries. A Global Perspective Symposium

                                             (Left to right): C. Suleiman, R. Quispe-Agnoli, M. Bernstein, S. Babana-Hampton

Episode 2: The Language of Self and Italian Cinema
  (November 2017)
Philosophy, aesthetics and post-realist media productions have unseated conventional politics, blurring boundaries between fiction and documentation, the self and the Other, autobiography and biography. Italian cinema had identified subjects of the global Italian world to convey the changing positions of the director and the viewer. Guests: Marcia Landy, Distinguished Professor Emerita of English and Italian Studies at the University of Pittsburgh, in conversation with Joseph Francese, Distinguished Professor at Michigan State University.

                                                                     (Left to right) J. Francese, M. Landy, R. Quispe-Agnoli

Episode 1: African Arts and Photography
  (October 2017)
The West African country of Mali has long been home to a creative community of photographers. Since 2011 the Archive of Malian Photography addresses the preservation, cataloging and digitization of works by renowned Malian photographers. Guests:  Malick Sitou and Youssouf Sakaly in conversation with Candace Keller, Associate Professor of African Art History and Visual Culture at Michigan State University.

                                                               (Left to Right)  M. Sitou, Y. Sakaly, C. Keller and R. Quispe-Agnoli