Podcasts 2020

We are back to our podcasting about intersections across arts, languages, and cultures! We invite you to listen to these conversations in which we provide examples on how to break down traditional language and disciplinary boundaries to foster creativity and new ways of understanding languages around the world, the societies where they are spoken, and the cultures they shape.

Episode 25: Editorial Aeternum: Peruvian Dark Fiction/Fantasy (Spanish, May 2020)
Aeternum Press is a Peruvian independent literary publishing house that specializes in dark fantasy/fiction (literatura oscura), a genre that welcomes works of horror fiction and dystopic science fiction.  In this Zoom-podcast, we  talked with Tania Huerta, Aeternum’s Editor in Chief, and editorial team members Luis Bravo and Kristina Ramos, about their editorial initiative, projects, and myths about authors of dark fantasy/fiction. Aeternum Press’s publications are available in digital edition and can be downloaded from its digital platform Lektu.
This podcast has been conducted in Spanish.

Aeternum Press Editors
(clockwise) Luis Ramos, R. Quispe-Agnoli, Tania Huerta, Kristina Ramos

Episode 24: Comics and Graphic Narratives from Latin America (February 2020)

Since 2019, the MSU Comics Forum is a multi-day, annual event for scholars, creators, and fans of the comics medium.  In this podcast, we talk with Brittany Tullis, Associate Professor of Spanish and Women’s and Gender Studies at Saint Ambrose University, and Fernanda Díaz-Basteris, Assistant Professor of Spanish at Cornell College, who present their recent work on Latin American visual cultures, literary studies, comics and graphic narratives in this year’s Comics Forum. For more information about the illustrators studied by our guests, visit: Jesús Cossío (Perú); Rosa Colón Guerra (Puerto Rico), and Rosaura Rodríguez (Puerto Rico).

Quispe-Agnoli interviews Tullis and Diaz-Basteros
(Left to right) Fernanda Díaz-Basteris, R. Quispe-Agnoli, Brittany Tullis

Episode 23: Latinx Music and Political Action (February 2020)

One of the features of the MSU Latinx Film Festival is music as a vehicle for political action. Today, we enjoy the live performance of RicanStruction, a musical journey through the Spanish-speaking Caribbean and other regions of Latin America with its significant Afro-Hispanic presence. We’ll also enjoy “Singing our way to freedom”  a film that chronicles the life and music of Ramón “Chunky” Sánchez, César Chávez’s favorite musician. In this podcast, Scott Boehm, Assistant Professor of Spanish and Director of the MSU Latinx Film Festival, interviews Osvaldo Ozzie Rivera, educator, activist, musician, and Director of RicanStruction, and filmmaker Paul Espinosa, Director of “Singing our way to freedom.” Visit https://msulatinxfilmfestival.com/

Osvaldo Ozzie Rivera, RicanStruction, and Paul Espinosa talked about their work shown at the 2020 MSU Latinx Film Festival. February 14, 2020.
(Left to right): S. Boehm, P. Espinosa, R. Quispe-Agnoli. O. Ozzie Rivera

Episode 22: “Lulú en el jardín”: an experimental documentary on LGBTQ+ issues (February 2020)
Featured in the 2nd edition of the MSU Latinx Film Festival, “Lulú en el jardín” is an experimental documentary project that explores the personal narrative and historical events surrounding the institutionalization of José Luis Benavides’s Latina lesbian mother in the 1970s. In this podcast, Alejandra Márquez Guajardo, Assistant Professor of Gender and Sexuality Studies in Latin America and the Caribbean at Michigan State University, and José Luis Benavides, artist, writer, educator, and Director of “Lulú en el Jardín,” talk about the film, LGBTQ+ issues, and a very personal story.
Visit https://msulatinxfilmfestival.com

Podcast with filmmaker Jose Luis Benavides and Gender and Sexuality Studes Alejandra Marquez Guajardo. Feb 14, 2020.
(Left to right) R. Quispe-Agnoli, A. Marquez Guajardo, José Luis Benavides

Episode 21: The MSU Latinx Film Festival – 2nd edition (January 2020)
In this first episode of 2020, we talk with Scott Boehm, Assistant Professor of Spanish at Michigan State University and Director of the MSU Latinx Film Festival, and Claudia Berríos-Campos, Ph.D. candidate in Hispanic Cultural Studies and member of the Festival’s Communication and Media team. In this 2nd edition, we have the opportunity to watch The Pushouts (USA 2018), On the Roof (Cuba 2017), Birds of Passage (Colombia 2018), 7 Boxes (Paraguay 2013), Retablo (Perú 2017), Rubén Blades is not my name (Panamá 2018), Nae Pasaran (Chile 2018), among many others. Visit https://msulatinxfilmfestival.com/

Scott Boehm, Claudia Berríos-Campos